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Bonjour September!

I can’t believe it’s September already. It’s weird to think how quick the summer has gone considering how long the month of March was, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. That one month alone seem to last an entire year. Then, BAM! The summer is gone.

The upside of it finally being September is that it’s Self Publishing Fantasy Month [#SPFM] and just about everyone I hang out with on twitter, will be taking part. What does it mean? Check out ‘How You Can Participate‘, for more information. Also, check out @SelfPubFanMonth over on twitter.

— What Happened —

This last month was a really good reading month for reviews, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of my reads. I even gave out a 10/10 rating for In The Dark Spaces by the extremely talented Cally Black. This  was an outstanding read, and felt like a fast-paced thriller as much as it was horror-tinged sci-fi. And while it might be classed YA fiction, was definitely adult-centric in theme and topic.

I also enjoyed Velocity Weapon, a space opera sci-fi from Megan O’Keefe, which rocketed along at a fast pace and, with so many twists and turns, left me wanting more. So yes, of course I bought Chaos Vector, which is up on September’s TBR pile.

In the fantasy reads, I was blown away by We Ride The Storm by Devin Madson, a complex fantasy that sucked me in from page one. This was really a ride into the unknown as I haven’t read any fantasy for awhile. Well, Madson certainly knows how to write them and delivered big time on tense-action and fraught politics. Excellent pacing and taut writing makes this a must read series. And yes, book two is on preorder.

The other book I read in August turned out to be a historical novel and not, as I had first thought, a fantasy. After I got over my disappointment, I enjoyed The Silence of Bones for what it was, a historical murder-mystery set in Korea. I think I would have appreciated it more had I read it in the right frame of mind, and may go back and reread it at a later date.

The fifth book I managed to squeeze in, was Blood on the Tracks a debut thriller by Barbara Nickless. And oh, was I surprised. This one clipped along at a fair pace, was a riveting read and had some really well fleshed out characters. All in all a series well worth following.

In between the reading and reviewing, I also posted my first Blogger Q&A with Jake from Jake is Reading who was a great sport. If you’re not already following him, you should. He reads some really interesting books, and writes compelling reviews.

— What’s Up Next? —

Given I managed to read 5 books in August, I’m going to push myself and see if I can do one better, if not more, and read 7 books in September. I’ve already bought and received the first 4 books in my planned TBR (see: Sept. Reads) and already finished reading In Shadows We Fall, by Devin Madson, which I will review in the next day or two.

The other titles lined up to order mid-month include:

  • THE PHLEBOTOMIST (SF) by Chris Panatier
  • RED NOISE (SF) by John P. Murphy
  • DEAD MAN IN A DITCH (Fantasy) by Luke Arnold
  • THE BONE SHIPS (Fantasy) by R.J. Baker
  • MASTER OF POISONS (Fantasy) by Andrea Hairston

Thanks for stopping by and here’s to reading as many great fantasy books as we can, this month!


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