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My Latest Book Haul

So, the itch was there, you know the one. The itch to buy new books. So, yeah, I scratched it, and went online to order 3 new books. I must admit, I went through my wish list with a fine toothed comb and nitpicked out books that had been sat there for a while, and yes, I did the dirty … I deleted them.

Wow, does that feel good. Then, there were at least three that on further inspection I was undecided about. Turns out they were YA and less than 300 pages. In other words, novella. Delete! I’m off spending $15 on another novella when, for $20, I can get two mass market paperbacks. In their place I added three other books. See, I have balance … yeah, like hell! Any excuse to add more, right? [insert fiendish grin].

Never mind all that, I hear you saying, what books did you buy? Well, funny you should ask. I ordered:

  • DEAD MAN IN A DITCH (fantasy)

Of course I had to get Dead Man in a Ditch, given I so enjoyed the first in Luke Arnolds gritty urban fantasy series, The Last Smile in Sunder City. And will you look at those covers? So damn clever. Anyway, you can blame my buying The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying on a number of people I follow on twitter, who said it was good! And I so want something different right about now, to read. I topped off these two fantasy reads with a SF military space opera, and will blame Tanya Huff if it turns out to be a duff read.

So, itch scratched … for now. And you, have you bought or read anything new I should know about? Let me know, I’m always on the look out for a good sci-fi or fantasy read (just NOT grimdark, thanks!)

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    I recently picked up The Last Smile in Sunder City after seeing all the love for the series on Twitter, I’m so easily influenced.
    I finished The Rush’s Edge by Ginger Smith and it has fast become a favourite sci-fi read. It has found family, aliens, corrupt government agencies and a dash of romance throughout, plus the best male friendship. It’s definitely worth a look when you are shopping next.

    • Alex

      Oh, I hope you enjoy The Last Smile in Sunder City as much as the rest of us. It’s definitely a more gritty urban-style fantasy and was such a change for me, over my usual fantasy. And I really enjoyed the noir aspect too.

      And yeah, I heard that Ginger’s book is making waves among readers too. I have to go check that one especially as #SciFiMonth is fast approaching.

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    I’ve heard so much about The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires! Can’t wait to see what you think.

    • Alex

      Yeah, so have I, Jo! It sounds like a really fun dark read, and I so want something a little different right now. It should arrive next week, will let you know what I think once I get a chance to have a read.

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    I haven’t heard of Planetside, but ooooo I love the cover! Will be interested to hear what you think of that one.
    I’m having to be good and not buy any books at the moment, so this post has allowed me to vicariously- for which I thank you! 😁

    • Alex

      I discovered it trawling for new reads on the net. And yeah, love the covers on the whole trilogy. I’m starting with this one as it seems like my kind of read. But it’s for #SciFiMonth in November. And I’ll post my review as and when. 😀

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