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Book It: The Crucible of the Crimson Lion by Elizabeth Eckstein

About the Author

Elizabeth Eckstein is the debut author of the Crucible of the Crimson Lion fantasy book series. She is a storyteller and lover of thunderstorms, a coffee-soaked alchemist who lives amongst the pages of books.

About the Book

A crazed, near-immortal alchemist locked away in an underground chamber is the last thing Matthew expects to find on a school trip to the British Museum. But the hasty pact he makes with the terrifying stranger completely backfires when Pantomeus breaks free and Matthew is plunged headlong into a mind-boggling world of secret societies, alchemy, and revenge.

Caught in the middle of a centuries-old feud between ageless Masters, Matthew now has only one way to escape Pantomeus’ murderous plans – join the secret Order of the Crucible of the Crimson Lion and become an alchemist himself. Only, it isn’t gold that Matthew makes in the Order, but friends, and soon he is whizzing through portals, discovering incredible inventions and powerful arcana while the Science of the Impossible plunges him into a mesmerizing world.

But the ancient Order has secrets of its own, and once Matthew comes across a dark legend and a mysterious girl in a dusty old mansion, he realises no one is safe. Something terrible is going on in the Order and it’s up to him to find the truth. But can he save his new friends and stop Pantomeus in time before he loses all that he holds dear?

The Great Pantomeus has spent five hundred years brewing up the perfect revenge. What Matthew Nightingale doesn’t know is that he’s part of the plan…


Author: Elizabeth Eckstein
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Fantasy | YA
ISBN: 9798648375895
Publication Date: July 10, 2020

Available in ebook via Amazon/Kindle. And in PRINT.

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    Such a lovely cover! This sounds intwresting, and a few similarities with Middlegame!

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