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Book It: The Soldier by Neal Asher

About the Author

Neal Asher is a science fiction writer whose work has been nominated for both the Philip K. Dick and the British Fantasy Society awards. He has published more than twenty books, many set within his “Polity” universe, including Gridlinked, The Skinner, and Dark Intelligence. He divides his time between Essex and a home in Crete.

About the Book

In a far corner of space, on the very borders between humanity’s Polity worlds and the kingdom of the vicious crab-like prador, is an immediate threat to all sentient life: an accretion disc, a solar system designed by the long-dead Jain race and swarming with living technology powerful enough to destroy entire civilizations. Neither the Polity or the prador want the other in full control of the disc, so they’ve placed an impartial third party in charge of the weapons platform guarding the technology from escaping into the galaxy: Orlandine, a part-human, part-AI haiman. She’s assisted by Dragon, a mysterious, spaceship-sized alien entity who has long been suspicious of Jain technology and who suspects the disc is a trap lying-in-wait. Meanwhile, the android Angel is planning an attack on the Polity, and is searching for a terrible weapon to carry out his plans—a Jain super-soldier. But what exactly the super-soldier is, and what it could be used for if it fell into the wrong hands, will bring Angel and Orlandine’s missions to a head in a way that could forever change the balance of power in the Polity universe.

Humanity, artificial intelligences, and monstrous aliens clash over control of deadly technology in this explosive beginning to Neal Asher’s newest Polity series.


Author: Neal Asher
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 9781597809610
Length: 400 pages

10 comments on “Book It: The Soldier by Neal Asher

  1. Avatar

    Ooh! I decided to avoid this author based on some of his tweet activity, but this sounds intriguing! Also, that cover is pretty epic! I think sci-fi with an element of creature horror is my fav

    • Alex

      Oh, bugger, I just ordered this one, along with a couple of other authors, this morning. Don’t tell me he’s a Humpty supporter or something like that? Gawd!

      • Avatar

        He’s just full of (incorrect) opinions haha. I mean, I’m sure you can still enjoy his work, I just decided not to look into his books without knowing much about them in the first place!

        • Alex

          Oh, you are not kidding. I went and had a look at his twitter feed to see what you meant and, eh, yes … I’ll reserve judgement with this first book and see what’s what.

          • Avatar

            Yeahhh bit of a gross person. But, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fiction independently of the author. I only remembered because I have a short list of authors to avoid in my iPhone notes, and he made the cut 🤣

            • Alex

              Ooo, he made the cut … that’s dire. Well, too late to cancel now. I’ve ordered the book because the premise sounded good, and I needed another solid read for #SciFiMonth in November. Let’s hope his proses is better than his tweets!

              • Avatar

                Hahaha I hope so too! I’m sad about SciFiMonth, I have a great TBR drafted but my schedule doesn’t go back to normal until Nov 20th :/ looking forward to your reviews!

                • Alex

                  Oh, I hope so too!

                  Yeah, I have a few things lined up, so you can live vicariously through all of who’re taking part. And maybe do something near the end?

                • Avatar

                  Fingers crossed! Definitely having fomo as I’m falling behind on reading!

  2. Alex

    Do not Panic, no one is going to yell at you for being busy with real life stuff, eh, at least, I hope not! And anyone waiting on a review will, I am sure, understand. We too have lives and do this for free and for fun. Deep breaths and don’t stress it.

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