Publicity Requests

Please review the information provided below if you are interested in being featured on our website.

Book Review Requests

All Review Requests should be made to the Editor at least SIX WEEKS prior to release date. We will accept only a limited number of works for review depending on volume, at any given time of the year.

We accept print ARCs and ebooks in most formats, please check beforehand what we are able to accept. All books accepted for review require an accompanying PR sheet with full details (or the equivalent). All reviews will be at the Editor’s discretion.

Coverage may include some or all of the following:

  • detailed review post
  • social media postings on our respective pages (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon)
  • inclusion in Best Of lists
  • inclusion in Monthly Round-up lists
  • other additional promotion

Please check out the Staff & Contributors page for more information about the genre preferences of each individual reviewer.

Accepted Genre for Coverage

  • Crime Fiction
  • Suspense
  • Murder-Mystery
  • Thrillers
  • Historical
  • Science Fiction
  • Supernatural & Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary & Romance
  • Young Adult

If you do not see your genre listed above, it’s likely we do not cover it. We definitely DO NOT explicit horror, erotica, or works inclusive of rape, self harm, excessive violence, or abuse of either children or women.

How to Request

All requests should be sent to the Editor at: bookblurbit AT gmail DOT com