Review Policy

I am currently OPEN to receiving review requests. I’m particularly interested in:

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Crime fiction
  • Thrillers
  • Graphic Novels

It should be noted that I cannot commit to every review request, but those I do accept, I will do my utmost to read and review in a timely manner.

When making a request, please provide full information about the book (publication details, summary etc.,) and let me know if there is a specific deadline for a review.

NOTE: I am not accepting self-published works at the moment. Nor do I use/subscribe to either NETGALLEY or EDELWEISS, so please, do not ask. I do not do giveaways or book tours for books I have not read. Also, I am not interested in sponsored posts either. Again, do not ask.

I am happy to do author spotlights and interviews for authors I have read and admire, and I particularly welcome Guest Posts.

My preferred format for review copies is print.

You can contact me at: bookblurbit AT gmail DOT com

How I Review

Please note that I only post reviews of books that have met an above average standard, with quality of writing, characterisation, plotting, pacing, and setting. I have decided to forgo the usual rating systems in favour of highlighting what I enjoyed about any given book, including what worked and what didn’t, without spoilers.

So, some works that may have had one or two minor problems can still be featured—and considered a really good read based on entertainment value and enjoyment.

Book that I feel are an outstanding read, that show the best quality of writing and characterisation, I will award a Book Blurb Recommends button.

I purchase all the books reviewed on the Book Blurb website, unless stated otherwise. These reviews are my own personal opinion.