Review Policy

I am NOT accepting any review requests at this time.

This blog focuses on science fiction—especially military SF—fantasy, YA SFF, and SFF graphic novels. That said, I do love to read quite a cross section of sub genre, and delight in finding new authors to share with you.

How I Review

My reviews are based on the quality of writing, characterisation, plotting, pacing, and setting. I have decided to forgo the usual rating systems in favour of highlighting what I enjoyed about any given book, including what worked and what didn’t—usually without spoilers. That said, however, if it does come up I will post a warning notice at the top of a review that might contain any spoilers.

Note: I do not post reviews on books that did not meet my expectations. Usually, I will DNF a book that I find problematic because, life is too short. With a DNF, I may write a short response as to ‘why’ the book didn’t work for me but that’s about all.

Books that I feel are an outstanding read, that show the best quality of writing and characterisation, I will award a Book Blurb Recommends button.

Unless stated otherwise, I buy all the books reviewed on this website. These reviews are my own personal opinion, and other readers may like a book I felt didn’t quite hit the mark. I hope my opinion will help you make an informed decision on whether a book is for you, or not. I always advocate to readers to read a number of reviews, where possible, to get a better indication of an author and their work.

You can contact me at: bookblurbit AT gmail DOT com