Staff & Contributors

ALEXANDRA WOLFE (Can) —Bookish from an early age and, much to the surprise of her parents, Alexandra read her way through the children’s library where they lived. She hasn’t stopped reading since. She still has that love of children’s books, but has added several genres since then, including: science fiction, fantasy, crime, thrillers, and historical fiction. If someone could combine all her favourite genres into one book, she would be a very happy reader.

You can find Alex at: Website | Twitter

JANE HUNTER (UK) — Jane’s current mission in life is to read and review as many books as she can while she can. Oh, and she’s here to root out pesky typos so you don’t see ‘boobs’ instead of ‘books’ when reading our latest reviews. She’s a stickler for punctuation and grammar but even the best of us are only human.

Jane is interested in reading: Historical / Crime / Thrillers


PETER HUTCHINSON (UK) — Having an inquisitive imagination from a young age, Peter has always wondered about other worlds. Fortunately he has been able to read his way through some tremendous fantasy and Sci-Fi worlds via books, it is his mission in life to read through as many of these amazing books as possible! He is delighted to have joined BookBlurb as a contributor, and has no interesting pets to mention to you at this moment.

You can find Peter at: Website | Twitter

TRINITY (US) — Hi, my name it Trinity (or Trin). I’m 36, an avid gamer, married, with one adopted son and two fur babies. I have dyslexia and ADHD but I love reading. I was a big horror fan but now I read a lot of fantasy and some sci-fi, with the occasional YA fantasy. I am always open to discussion and recommendations (giving and receiving) and am always on the hunt for my next favourite read.

You can find Trin at: Website | Twitter

SUE BAVEY (US) — Sue is an English mum of two (12 and 15) living in Massachusetts with husband, kids a cat and a bunny. She enjoys reading all kinds of genres, especially fantasy, historical fiction and thrillers. Before moving to the US she worked for many years in publishing, multimedia and website project management. She is a big fan of British comedy and Indie music.

You can find Sue at: Website | Twitter