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The Norsevember Challenge!

I’m participating in Norsevember, are you?

If you haven’t heard of this Norse inspired book challenge, then take yourself off to Spells and Spaceships, and read up on Alex’s (no relation) challenge to read, review and discussion all things Norse related during the month of November.

Well, actually, he’s letting us start as of the end of August, as some of us are slow readers. And anyway, it takes time to write up a review let alone a Norse-themed post. But I’m going to give it a go, just for the fun aspect, and what the hell why not. I come from good peasant Norse stock.

There’s also going to be a couple of give aways, and the more points you score from some of the challenges, write a review, post a norse-related photo, artwork, poetry and crafts. Anything goes as long as it’s norse-themed.

Start as a ‘Karl‘ and work your way to a ‘Drott‘ (Warlord) or better yet, a ‘Kongur‘ (King/Queen). I’ll be happy if I make ‘Hirdsman‘ (Shield Sister!)

Whatever your ambition, whether it’s to participate or watch on from the sidelines, go SIGN UP and be assigned a ship!

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