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I’m in a quandary at the moment, I so want to take part in Self-Publishing month, in September, but I also want to indulge in reading from my TBR. Especially as I need (points finger at partner) to shrink it in order to be allowed to indulge my other passion: buying books. And even if I were the quickest reader on the planet, which I most definitely am not. I still couldn’t read all the books I want, even in a month of months.

So, something, somewhere, is going to have to give. One of those things will not be leaving out the buying of books.

The books I’m looking at as September buys are:

  • ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY by Karen Osborne
  • THE PHLEBOTOMIST by Chris Panatier
  • CHAOS VECTOR by Megan E. O’Keefe
  • THE BONE SHIPS by R. J. Baker

Also in contention, though these are hardbacks [see list below] I’m pushing it if I stare bold faced at my partner and claim 3 hardback buys in one month. Though, it is true, I can argue the “we’re not going anywhere, and spending money!” angle, but then again, maybe not, Even if I so want these titles like, yesterday, I’m going to have to choose selectively and wisely.

  • THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER by Andrea Stewart
  • THE SIN IN THE STEEL by Ryan Van Loan
  • HELLA by David Gerrold

Any ideas… help?

2 comments on “Up-Coming Reads

  1. Avatar

    I’m NO help since I lack restraint about my own shelf! The difference is, Hubby has no clue about my book spending….but I think he had an idea😏

    Good luck choosing!

    • Alex

      Well, you’re no help, Jo! HaHa! But you’re right about the lack of shelf control, I really am so bad some months. o many shiny covers glinting in the daylight … But I just might get away with 3, if not, 4 books for my September buys, given the OH just bought themselves a laptop stand for $60.

      Now, how many books can I add? 😉

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