Coming Soon: Misfit Soldier by Michael Mammay

Anyone who knows my reading habits knows I’m a big fan of military science fiction and have been since I was a teenager. And so, when a fav author of mine, Michael Mammay, writes a military SF standalone—Misfit Soldier—you just know I’m there for it. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy which, by the way, comes out Feb 2022.

* * *

Author: Michael Mammay
Publisher: Harper Voyager, Feb 2022
ISBN: 9780062981004
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Genre: Military Science Fiction

Sergeant Gastovsky—Gas to everyone but his superior officers—never wanted to be a soldier. Far from it. But when a con goes wrong and he needs a place to lay low for a while, he finds himself wearing the power armor of the augmented infantry.

After three years on a six-year contract, Gas has found his groove running low-level cons and various illegal activities that make him good money on the side. He’s the guy who can get you what you need. But he’s always had his eye out for a big score—the one that might set him up for life after the military.

When one of his soldiers is left behind after a seemingly pointless battle, Gas sees his chance. He assembles a team of misfit soldiers that would push the term “ragtag” to its limits for a big con that leads them on a daring behind-the-lines mission, pitting him not only against enemy soldiers but against the top brass of his own organization.

If he pulls this off, not only will he save his squadmate, he might just become the legend he’s always considered himself. He might also change the way the entire galaxy looks at this war. But for any of that to happen, he has to live through this insane plan.

And charm rarely stops bullets.


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