I am NOT accepting any review requests at this time. Please check back at the end of the year for more information. Thank you!

This blog focuses primarily on science fiction—especially military SF—some fantasy, and YA SFF. When making a request, please provide full information about the book—publication details, genre, summary etc., release date. Please write “Review Request + Title of your book” in the subject line of your email.

My preferred format is print.

You can contact me at: bookblurbit AT gmail DOT com

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My reviews are based solely on the quality of the writing, characterisation, plotting, pacing, and setting, but also, my overall enjoyment of the read. While I do my best to be respectful of each author and their work, I cannot guarantee a stellar review for every book I read, but I can promise an honest one.

I have decided to forgo the usual rating systems in favour of highlighting what I enjoyed about any given book, including what worked and what didn’t, usually without spoilers. That being said, however, I will post a warning notice at the top of a review that might contain possible spoilers. My reviews are promoted across my social media accounts.


Quotes from my book reviews may be used by the author, publisher, publicist, and the people usually involved with the ownership, production, and promotion of the book in question. All quotes should credit me using my full name, Alexandra Wolfe, my blog’s name, Book Blurb, and the full URL pointing to the correct review.

Please do not plagiarise my reviews, as I will pursue recourse to the fullest extent of the law.